Tahitian Black Pearls: A Woman’s Second Best Friend

Tahitian Black Pearls, one of the most exotic and more elegant jewels ever produced by the French Polynesian and Tahiti waters. These islands are known for their cultured and natural pearls which are being utilized as a design for jewelry for many years. The pearls they produce are elegant and sophisticated where a lot of jewel aficionados would want to possess. Owning a Tahitian Black Pearl is something a woman would desire to make.
Unlike the Japanes Akoya Pearls, the Tahitian Black Pearls are much noticeable because of its size and shape. The former only develop up to an estimated diameter of 2 to 10 mm. A Tahitian Black Pearl grows much larger than the beautiful Japanes Akoya pearls. They grow as much as 18 mm diameter in circumference.

Tahitian Black Pearl Necklace in 14K White GoldThe Tahitian black Pearls became so popular and famous after the French stretched these stunning pearls in all cultures way back 1964. These pearls were then used to emphasize a variety of gorgeous rings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets. These Tahitian Black Pearls are contained in most of the Tahitian jewelry pieces because it is part of the very rich and strong cultures and traditions in Tahiti.

Since these pearls are cultures in natural saltwater in Tahiti, and if these are gathered in their mature and large sizes, they tend to be a little bit pricy. When these pearls come out in their perfect form they become more valuable and expensive. It is quite an investment though, but it’s all worth it. Also, aside form its form and size, the value that you put in for a Tahitian black pearl goes to its color and luster. The more lustrous these pearls are, the more they tend to be more expensive. The difference between a pearl being cultured in freshwater and saltwater is that the freshwater cultured pearls tend to be not perfectly rounded in shape than those cultured in saltwater. Pearls produced in freshwater ponds come in different varieties since they are grown in mussels rather than in oysters.
9mm Black Tahitian Pearl Earrings in 14k White Gold
The Tahitian Black Pearl necklaces consistently remain to be one of the most desired pieces of jewelry to accentuate the wearer’s outfits or perhaps elevate the wearer’s level of elegance and sophistication. Today, many of the women desire to have these pearls cling on to their bodies as accessories. For the men, these pearls are perfect as gifts to your wives or girlfriends. They come with a beautiful 14 karat to 24 karat gold accents to match the lustrous shine of the Tahitian Black Pearls. Your partners will surely love and treasure the Tahitian Black Pearl necklace.

But you have to caution yourself in buying the authentic Tahitian Black Pearl necklace because there are quite a number of deceptive jewelers which sell unauthentic and imitated black pearls. You must bear in mind that an authentic Tahitian Black Pearl has multi-colored overtones such as red, blue, and green to match to its blackness. The surface of these pearls is always shiny and smooth, and they are cool to touch. If you observe these characteristics, then you can say that it is an authentic Tahitian Black Pearl.


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    The black cultured pearl commonly referred to as black Tahitian pearls. It is rare and more valuable than other types of pearls. They are the only pearl to achieve a black body color naturally and are typically very large. Truly these pearls are among the most beautiful pearls in the world. Thanks a lot.

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    The Tahitian black pearl is the black beauty of the pearl world. Its unique coloring endears it to both jewelers and wearers alike for the stunning pieces which can be created by its use. The mysterious color of this pearl is what really gives it a mysterious aura. Thanks a lot.