Secrets, Tips, and Techniques to a Successful Striper Fishing

Striper are a very strong kind of specie that offers a great challenge to fishing enthusiast making it an experience worth remembering for. Most of the specie can grow and develop enormously big and can weigh over fifty lbs. (pounds). But, huge striper fish is very rare to catch. Most of the time, only an average size striper fish could be easily found in lakes or rivers, however, if you want to pursue an extremely huge fish, and perhaps consider it as a trophy fish, then deep sea striper fish variety is what you are looking for.

How To Make Fishing Lures
Striper fish will nourish most assertively in the morning time making it the most suitable time to fish for them. But this does not mean that they could not be caught in other hours of the day. There are ways where striper could be persuaded to get the bait any time so long as you know how to get their attention.

The following are the secrets and tips which most of the seasoned enthusiasts use to get more stripers.

Striper could be found almost anywhere from the water’s edge to deep waters. Thus, it is preferable to catch them in deeper and shallow portions of the waters, or fish for them from shoreline to the beach or rock areas. Striper fishing could also be enjoyed by boat or by situating comfortably along the coastline or edge of the water.

• Although striper fish could be abundant in almost all areas, you still have to organize a plan in order to successfully catch them. Planning where to fish, what time to fish, and what baits these stripers are attracted to, are some of the considerations that you need to plan well. It is helpful to do a research and gather useful information where you plan to catch these stripers. 

       You can visit local ports and ask for information form local fishermen since they are the ones who are familiar with the area where you are planning to fish, or you can research online to get practical tips and information about the area, after all, your safety is of the top priority. If you are not familiar with the area, you may probably get yourself caught by other bigger and aggressive fish such as sharks.

• Lastly, use the best lures suitable for catching striper fish. Most of the time, a topwater lure is considerably popular. You may use live baits to attract these stripers. They may include bluefish, shads, or shrimps.