Granada's Spain: Rent a Car

          Looking for a place where you can loosen up, enjoy, and distress yourself from work or a place where you can stop thinking about meeting deadlines and pressures of your boss? Then a trip to Granada, Spain is all you need. The place offers a wide variety of different recreational spots to suit your heart’s desire.
Vista Point GRANADA SpainIf you are looking for historical sites, then you can visit different years-old structures which have been maintained to preserve its value. Its Moorish inspired and architectural Spanish Gothic styling designs have encouraged many tourists and enthusiasts to come back and know more about its construction, historical backgrounds, and above all, it’s intricate yet aesthetically thought of details. Some of this historical buildings include The Charles V Palace commanded by Charles V: Holy Roman Emperor, The Cathedral of Granada, The Alhambra and Generalife, Granada’s Royal Chapel (Capilla Real)-with the tombs of King Philip I and Queen Joanna I ; and Catholic Monarchs and Isabella I and Ferdinand II, The Albayzín, or El Albaicin: The quarter of the ancient Arab, containing numerous original houses built since the 16th century, Palacio de la Madraza, whom founded by the Sultan of Granada Nasrid monarch Yusuf I in 1349 it was Granada’s first university; now as a higher institution the University of Granada, The principal gate of the old city “The Gate of Elvira” a fraction of the Moorish wall. Museo de La Casa de los Tiros built in the 16th century was Gil Vázquez-Rengifo palace designed architecturally using intricate painting and sculpture about the history of Spaña and full of short piece of encrypted text called cryptograms. In the museum tourist and visitors can find markings of Granada’s history from Middle Ages to the present day. The 16th century Castril palace, home of the Archaeological Museum of Granada, The Cube: The main building for CajaGranada, has won many international architects awards, Zaida Building: Situated in the city centre, this residential building designed by Alvaro Siza is a good example of modern architecture surrounded by historical structures, and the choices are ENDLESS!

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