Beeman Air Rifles: A Hobbyist Guide to Purchasing a Gun

Are you searching for airguns that assure you the maximum shooting advantage? Then Beeman Air Rifles are suitable for you. These rifles come in a variety of forms, sizes, and shapes. You might want to possess one of the Beeman Air Rifles and consider the following choices that suit your preference. Owning one of these rifles surely fits your desire and best, your hobby.

Beeman Air Rifles offer three basic air gun groups according to their mechanism and pushing power of a pellet out of its barrel. These categories are Pneumatic Air Rifles, CO2 Air Rifles, and Spring-Piston Air Rifles.

The Pneumatic Air Rifles apply compacted air pressure for its power. The air being compacted in the rifles depends on the kind of pneumatic contained in the gun. The most popular pneumatic commonly used by hobbyist is the Multi-stroke Pneumatic or most commonly called as the pump-up kind of pneumatic air rifle. In order to obtain the compacted air in the rifle, you must hit the fore end pump lever multiple times, preferably two or more strokes, to attain the needed pressure to power the pellet out of its barrel. These rifles are usually dense and light weight. These multi-stroke rifles are temperate in power. The only problem with these kinds of rifles is that it takes a lot of time and effort to pump and compress air inside the mechanism before you take your second shot. The next thing you will know then is that your target has already flown away. It is quite a frustrating thing to happen for a hobbyist or a hunter when the target just easily disappears. Because of this downside to multi stroke pneumatic air rifles, Beeman created a simple way to pump up air inside the mechanism. The single-stroke pneumatic air rifle allows only a single stroke of the lever to compress the air and consequently able to shoot a target with ease and minimal effort. However these rifles also have their limitation. The Single stroke pneumatic air rifle is it has a lower pressure and shooting power as compared to the multi stroke pneumatic air rifle. Again, with its own downside, Beeman created another type of pneumatic air rifle. The Pre-Charged Pneumatic air Rifle offers the best shooting power with a minimal effort. You can choose from low to medium to high power whatever you desire. It has an unbelievable accuracy and offers a lot of shots. Usually, these rifles only take a little effort on the hobbyist part since the air is compressed at any of the Dive shops available.

Another kind of rifle for consideration is the CO2 Air Rifles. These rifles are powered by CO2. These rifles are usually kept at a room temperature since CO2 is roughly 900-1000 psi and is consistent. If these are kept lower or higher than the required storage temperature, the CO2 can change. Well, if the temperature is changed, the shooting power of these rifles also change, thus making it at a disadvantage when used during the summer or winter days.

When someone mentions air guns and rifles these days, they would most likely refer to a Spring Piston Air Rifle. This rifle is a product of the brilliant minds of Feinwerkbau, Weihrauch and Dr. Robert D. Beeman. For years, these people are known as the masters in manufacturing high quality Spring Piston Air rifles. The rifle is the most convenient gun to maintain and shoot. They come in a variety of shapes and powers. These rifles are usually cocked by breaking cask or cocking a top lever, side lever or an under lever.